Thursday, September 4, 2008


Alright alright alright.. so i here the biggest, best, brightest mag has fallen or at least gotten a lot smaller as said on our biggest forum of paintball "Pbnation." So after hard thinking and working with friends and shit, I decided to produce a blog related to the real news. What paintball needs is real news and with legitimacy. Our ESPN of sports commentating and related paintball news have fallen!! 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation fucks must know that this is ultimate!! As of right now anyone who has not been playing or been in the industry for at least 15 years I don't necessarily give a fuck because what you don't understand is the our beloved history and story telling is vastly disappearing!!
Rock Cagnoni!!!!! Are you fucking kidding me!!!! The Angel wings and 50% of all your tatts on your Italian body is built around the WDP camp!!! Shit I understand that money is involved for you to be involve with Dye and Proto but shit!!! You my friend have been a JT WDP REDS supporter for years and I will not let our past be the forgotten. The kids these days think to re manufacture you now makes you a follower of one. Your past is where its taking you in the future. Your past shaped what paintball is today. I feel the strain of how the monsters of our industry has to market but lets be real. I don't know who the new Jt dude is doing the marketing but please pick up the now super skinnie ass apg and remind yourself how we thought this mag was a bible of the sport from advertising, stories and information. Jt brings back old shit!! The pics in their add was sick!!!. Every one from old Image with Travis and the Twins, to Hunter Bob Long and his Captain Morgans pose. To the inconspicuous pics of Dave and Shane in there JTMX gear. And of course.... Rocky Cagnoni. yes yes yes i understand sign of the times bla bla bla. Mags are going to disappear like Rose from Unique and all us ballers will be dust.

Since we now have bloggers hoping to create the buzz of our not so imaginative and unfruitful future, I will deliver the past. The greatest time of the Industry. I understand now there is going to a rat race to make news from anyone... and i like that the more news of our great sport good, or bad is still worth reading and working with. This we don't have to compete and stab each other with. TIME TO START GIVING A SHIT