Friday, November 6, 2009


By Chris Corcino

I will start the rant.

Like I said before, it has to all be in perspective, the perspective of the manufacturers, the dealers, the general public and of course paintball in the world view.

Let’s look at the manufacturers’ perspective.
It is safe to say that GI MIL-SIM is the first to re-launch a truly controversial product (the .50 caliber paintball) since it actually cannot comply with what the common paintball player currently has, ie. the marker and its accessories. GI MIL-SIM, if you are aware, is the mastermind of this change. Behind them is none other than DXS (Good ol' Diablo). Now I'm not doing a lot of intel on this because most of it is common knowledge amongst the few who tell tales at shows (you know who you are.)
IF I WAS STILL IN PAINTBALL TODAY LIKE I WAS IN THE DAYS OF OLD, I would question why they are changing the ball size? Is it because people want the paint cheaper? (I came from an age when the Cobra angel LCD was 2000.00 and Zap paint was close to 90.00 a case)
The caliber was changed dramatically and now we have to question the reasoning. Was it to make paintball fail? Was it for economic reasons? Was it the public’s perspective? (Note the Tournament paintball public does not count. If it did, Bob Long would be number 1, and Tippmann would be dead last.) Was it to somehow revolutionize a sport as a whole?

Please remind yourself, paintballers never die...
we just get older. It’s the Industry that has taken the fall. As one player leaves to be part of the greater life, another picks up a rental and is hooked at the first try.
I try to take out people that never play, from cops to robbers, Pastors to accountants, from ex-meth users to members of Bahala Na. I've taken all of them out to play and more than 50% can’t wait to play again. I definitely keep it real but now I also keep it positive. There was a time when the negative was my positive but that is another story. What can I say, I know a wide variety of people and I try to find the good in all of them and share with them the good I found in paintball.

SO WHY? The question still remains and I believe the answer is this:
1- Better margins for the industry. (Which we hope produces more marketing awareness which in turn promotes better sales) The .50 cal paint should not be priced too low because it would not be fare to the manufacturer , I know I said it, but I’d rather shoot good paintballs over buying the higher end marker any day. I would rather eat good sushi at a hole in the wall restaurant than at an expensive Chinese restaurant that serves bad sushi.

2- Better public re-pore. (Japan and Germany can be legalized among other countries) Imagine Japanese paintball products! Maybe a kick-start back to the Olympics. As a reminder that the ball size ratio and velocity would consider it a fire-arm in these countries. But we hope better awareness as a sport and recreation.

3. New scope for Industry to see through. (Bring in Buzz)

4. New ideas. (Bring in new industry or make a better change) We are seeing the same thing all year, every year...

Change the game and level the playing field.

You see, there is a reason for Big Ind not showing up at a NPPL because the playing field is even, there is no king... they are not special. Blackstar and KM reigns because they show up and don't care about them!
IF I WAS AN INDUSTRY HEAVY and not seated in the front... I too will be vexed. (The game is as simple in the Industries... whose got the bigger junk and I should never share my space with the bottom-feeders.)

I welcome this change! And it’s not bad because of conversion kits for older guns will soon come. But change changes the perspective of the older generation player and can be better embraced as a whole to the future paintball public. It does however feel like an ugly start for the "now" player.

If I were heavy into the Industry that I so loved to hate, I would definitely change the leadership... Provide a true core group of advocates, not politics.