Monday, April 2, 2012


More to come... Busy busy these days.. i hope i get a chance to get back to these roots and stay maintained this time.

Lots to think about, lots to tell about.

Great seeing some old faces @ the NPPL HB event.. small, but good. Moving forward and upward!

Friday, November 6, 2009


By Chris Corcino

I will start the rant.

Like I said before, it has to all be in perspective, the perspective of the manufacturers, the dealers, the general public and of course paintball in the world view.

Let’s look at the manufacturers’ perspective.
It is safe to say that GI MIL-SIM is the first to re-launch a truly controversial product (the .50 caliber paintball) since it actually cannot comply with what the common paintball player currently has, ie. the marker and its accessories. GI MIL-SIM, if you are aware, is the mastermind of this change. Behind them is none other than DXS (Good ol' Diablo). Now I'm not doing a lot of intel on this because most of it is common knowledge amongst the few who tell tales at shows (you know who you are.)
IF I WAS STILL IN PAINTBALL TODAY LIKE I WAS IN THE DAYS OF OLD, I would question why they are changing the ball size? Is it because people want the paint cheaper? (I came from an age when the Cobra angel LCD was 2000.00 and Zap paint was close to 90.00 a case)
The caliber was changed dramatically and now we have to question the reasoning. Was it to make paintball fail? Was it for economic reasons? Was it the public’s perspective? (Note the Tournament paintball public does not count. If it did, Bob Long would be number 1, and Tippmann would be dead last.) Was it to somehow revolutionize a sport as a whole?

Please remind yourself, paintballers never die...
we just get older. It’s the Industry that has taken the fall. As one player leaves to be part of the greater life, another picks up a rental and is hooked at the first try.
I try to take out people that never play, from cops to robbers, Pastors to accountants, from ex-meth users to members of Bahala Na. I've taken all of them out to play and more than 50% can’t wait to play again. I definitely keep it real but now I also keep it positive. There was a time when the negative was my positive but that is another story. What can I say, I know a wide variety of people and I try to find the good in all of them and share with them the good I found in paintball.

SO WHY? The question still remains and I believe the answer is this:
1- Better margins for the industry. (Which we hope produces more marketing awareness which in turn promotes better sales) The .50 cal paint should not be priced too low because it would not be fare to the manufacturer , I know I said it, but I’d rather shoot good paintballs over buying the higher end marker any day. I would rather eat good sushi at a hole in the wall restaurant than at an expensive Chinese restaurant that serves bad sushi.

2- Better public re-pore. (Japan and Germany can be legalized among other countries) Imagine Japanese paintball products! Maybe a kick-start back to the Olympics. As a reminder that the ball size ratio and velocity would consider it a fire-arm in these countries. But we hope better awareness as a sport and recreation.

3. New scope for Industry to see through. (Bring in Buzz)

4. New ideas. (Bring in new industry or make a better change) We are seeing the same thing all year, every year...

Change the game and level the playing field.

You see, there is a reason for Big Ind not showing up at a NPPL because the playing field is even, there is no king... they are not special. Blackstar and KM reigns because they show up and don't care about them!
IF I WAS AN INDUSTRY HEAVY and not seated in the front... I too will be vexed. (The game is as simple in the Industries... whose got the bigger junk and I should never share my space with the bottom-feeders.)

I welcome this change! And it’s not bad because of conversion kits for older guns will soon come. But change changes the perspective of the older generation player and can be better embraced as a whole to the future paintball public. It does however feel like an ugly start for the "now" player.

If I were heavy into the Industry that I so loved to hate, I would definitely change the leadership... Provide a true core group of advocates, not politics.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Who's the amb"ASS"ador now?

Ok, so I got up this morning and as usual, I got on line and read all of my favorite paintball sites for the latest rumors, stories and the hottest turbo up grade board for my already "gray area" marker. Our friends over at have an interview with Nicky Cuba that was conducted by One of the questions asked not only by but also by was, "How are you an ambassador of Paintball?". Great question!! That got me thinking, not just about how am I personally an ambassador of paintball, but what it actually takes to be one. One of the things Nicky commented on in his interview was how paintball was the most expensive sport to play. Now even though I don't believe paintball is all that expensive to play once you have all your equipment and become a member of the community (about $60 same as a round of golf), it can be quite a lot of money to get you to that point. Even a day out to the local field with rental equipment isn't as cheap as you think. Sure the fields have packages that start at around $50, but we all know once your there and you see some of the stuff the other guys are using, your already heightened nerves get the best of you and you opt for the better gun and larger quantity of paint and before you know it your into the day for $100 or more.

Let's say your going to be an ambassador and your already a long time member of the paintball community and you have a few different markers that you have accumulated over the years, as well as all the extra necessary gear needed to get a new player out on the field, minus the paint and entry of course and your ready to take out a new guy. Well here comes the part that's a little more tricky. Who do you take? I mean, you can't take anyone you know that's already played, because that's not the point and chances are anyone who knows you, knows you play paintball and if your the type of person who is already willing to take people and let them use all your equipment just so they can see what paintball is like, then you have probably already exhausted your list of friends and family who might be interested. So where does that leave you to find these new players? Should you put up fliers in the area with your contact info on it so anyone interested can get a hold of you? Do you let your local paintball shop and field know that you will be letting people use your equipment for free in place of renting from them so that you can get more people into the sport? (it's not like the people that would find out about your free gear from a field or shop weren't already interested and planning on paying for it themselves anyway) What if you just randomly walked around shouting out, "Hey, anyone wanna play's on me, well sort of!". I know I'm making this harder than it really is but bare with me, I have a point, well more like a plan. (although it's not perfect since I just hashed it this morning and I'm NOT a morning person)

Basically what I'm getting at is this. It seems to me that with today's economic paintball situation, being an ambassador to paintball is more about helping the industry get itself out of the trouble they put themselves in. It's like a bailout of sorts and I didn't agree with the governments bank bail outs.....but that's a different post.

Paintball Industry------> "Hey guys, I know that all these years we could have been spending money on outside advertisement and on getting a true governing body together in order to truly lay down a foundation for this sport so that we wouldn't be in this spot we are in now, but gosh darn it, patenting other peoples ideas, being the first to get on TV and supercharging our guns and loaders so they melt little kids who get shot by them was just way more important at the time. How about YOU guys, the ones that have been addicted to this sport for so long and have bitched and complained about how we have ruined things for you, how about you go out and try to drum up some new business for US so that YOUR sport can survive and flourish like it used".........

Now I'm all for helping the sport and doing right by others and all that hugs and kisses stuff, but when will the big boys who want to control this sport so badly, actually start doing things the right way in order to put this train back on its tracks instead of all this inner fighting and suing eachother BS. Alright, enough of my ranting....for now. Here's the idea/plan. Now, this plan takes a little giving on the parts on the big boys and possibly on the parts of local fields, but it's actually nothing in terms of the potential ROI.

We take, let's say the top 16 "pro" teams and tell them that they are going to be the ambassadors of this sport. I mean, we put them on this pedestal and really don't ask much, if anything from them in return right. Besides, who wouldnt be excited about going to play paintball for the first time with a PRO.....oh the stories they would have. These pro teams will be asked to take a minimum of 10 (could be more) new players out per month per team. (there is an easy way to validate and track this...we can discuss the specifics later) That's 160 new people every month (almost 2000 a year) going out and trying paintball that probably wouldn't have otherwise. Their respective sponsors will send them the necessary equipment they will need for this to happen (i.e. 10 tanks, 10 loaders, 10 guns, 10 masks, 10 harnesses, pods etc.) and the teams will keep this "rental" equipment at their houses to distribute when needed. The paint sponsors only have to send 5 extra cases a month with the teams allotted practice paint shipment. I say 5 cases because 1000 rnds per player is a good amount for the first time out. As far as guns go, almost every manufacture has a lower level version of their gun they can send out in order to help the sport and even if companies like Dye, Smart Parts, Luxe etc. didn't want to send out ten $1000+ markers to their pro teams as rentals, then they could always let Kingman or Tippmann fill that void....I mean it's for the betterment of the sport right, got to be an ambassador right? The local fields that these pro teams practice at, I'm sure wouldn't mind giving out free or even discounted entry to these 10 new players a month that wouldn't have been there otherwise anyway, so technically they aren't losing anything and its advertisement for their field. Now we have the equipment, the paint, the entry and the ambassadors. We just need to get these new players who have not been exposed to paintball before. I'll leave that part up to you guys.

Idea update** You could even make it a competition between teams to see who can bring the most new players each month.

This is by no means a perfect solution, but doesn't it seem a lot less one sided. The people who will benefit most from these new players is the manufactures. They should be the ones to foot the bill to get these players into the sport and since they wont do it in the form of OUTSIDE paper, electronic, radio or TV advertisement, then they should do it with the product and their pro teams that they already pay for. It's a double sided advertisement for them, not only are they advertising the sport of paintball which they all want to control, but they are doing it with their products so if and when these new players decide to buy, they will most likely buy the equipment from the sponsor package they used when they were introduced to paintball and if that equipment happens to be too expensive for them to jump into......well then we have another problem.....but that one is a lot easier to solve...I'll solve that one next at a's still early.

Monday, September 28, 2009

CK2 Trailer

Watch, drool, purchase.

(I will post a review [biased though it may be] after the general release)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

How to save Tournament Paintball

I know this is going to be met with controversy, but that's what puts butts in the seats and gets the dialog going.

I have a radical idea for how to increase the numbers of attending teams and players for national and local tournament circuits and in turn infuse our industry with much needed cheddar.

Pay the Pro's. Pay them a decent, living wage, for now. Pay them as well as possible and keep paying them more as you can.

Right now, the carrot dangling from the end of the stick for moving yourself up the ranks and working hard to improve your game to one day finally make a pro team is wilted, dried, and mangy. What is there to motivate the young, up and coming players? Sure, you can point to all manner of intangibles like Glory, Friendship, Achievement. Some even try to re-introduce the idea of "fun" being a motivator to participate and compete. But you know what? That only works for a few. Those few who are already motivated beyond earthly reward. There will always be those in the sport who compete for the sake of competition. Improve themselves for the sake of being "the best." Sacrifice all in their lives to stand tallest on that podium.

But as you can tell from looking around, those few are just that: FEW. And far between. You can't build an industry off of a few crazy people. You need to fill in the gaps with all those normal people who want to stand amongst the crazies. For every Michael Jordan, who would be killing himself to be the best no matter what you pay him, you need 11 other jagoffs who are there for the paycheck and the chance to play with a monster like Jordan. And I'm not saying none of those other Bulls players weren't there to win and feel the glory and all that... but how many of them would be there if they weren't making a living doing it? How many kids would be buying their shoes and trying to some day be one of them if there wasn't a financial reward for all of that hard work?

I'm not so stupid as to think that Oliver Lang should get a multi-million dollar contract. But if I were a kid and looked up to Oliver and wanted to be him one day, I shouldn't have to choose between being able to feed myself AT ALL and playing Pro one day. And you know what, if that choice wasn't there... if there was a reasonable expectation of being able to pay my bills, then the D3's and D2's and D1's would be chock full of hopefulls working their way to the top.

Would all of them make it? No. Would all of them expect to make it? No. But they'd shell out the dough for the chance. Just like all of those amateurs in the mainstreams sports. And how much better is Chuck's and Lane's weekends when their lower divisions are all full and their tournaments are hopping?

Where do we get the money to pay our Pro's? Damned if I know. That's your problem to figure out, not mine. I'm the idea guy.