Tuesday, February 3, 2009


With all this division going on in the paintball industry, I thought I would take the time to propose a little lite hearted unity. Before I do though, and so you dont think Im actually crazy with what I'm about to propose, its a good idea to give you a little background on this. My friend Don Saavedra over at Splat Mag. sent me this link today (check out the reviews for this product)to help pass the time and to have a few good laughs over. Well it did the job, so I passed it on to some of the Infamous guys (Travis, Rusty, Pozzi, Rab) and everyone had a good laugh. I don't talk with the guys much since I'm not playing on the team anymore, and so I got to thinking about all the jokes and funny things you do while on a paintball trip. Things you don't do in your normal life around your normal friends, because they would probably disown you. One of the things I miss is the crazy fashion statements you can get away with at an event.

Well, hopefully by now you have checked out the link and you have had a good laugh too. If not, one of us has a horrible sense of humor. I know it's not me, knock knock jokes still make me laugh, so there.

Ok, so what I propose is this. The "Wolf Shirt Movement". In a nationwide show of unity and brotherhood between paintballers in this time when the industry seems to be dividing, when it should be coming together, I propose everyone buys a ridiculous Wolf Shirt of your choice and wear it to the Phoenix PSP event. The more ridiculous the better. It will be like that secret handshake that only a few people know about until the secret is let out a little at a time. I would assume there will only be a few of you wearing them at first, and people are sure to make fun of you (yeah, even at a paintball event), but underneath, you will know you are part of something much bigger than others are aware of. Then spread the good word and see how big the trend is at the next event, and so on. So instead of everyone always hating on eachother, we all get to be a part of this "inside joke" and become united in a super gay, wolf way....hahaha. Phoenix is the perfect place to start because the wolf ties in well with the native american influence of the area.

" Wolves are perfect for paintball. We hunt in packs, but are ultimately alone."
-Don Saavedra

This is all just for a good laugh. Who knows, you may make a few new friends over the ice breaker, bad ass mofo'in wolf shirt you are wearing, and if you don't make a new friend, your definitely going to get laid. Seems win win to me. Have fun out there and be safe wearing those shirts, because when you wear a wolf shirt.....people are going to know you're SERIOUS.