Thursday, September 4, 2008

WHO WE ARE (reporting with a face!!)

Well into the 2003 season, Lil John Marques of the world famous Bob Longs IRONMEN otherwise known as the Oakland Assassins of the NXL federation began his career in the industry as part of the staff at National Paintball supply in Los Angeles.
After being with the likes of Chris Corcino, former owner of Paintball Junkies creator of one of the most diverse advertising and graphic artists, they began a quest to design and produce well-known products of X Enterprises System-X line. Within 2 and half years of being fed up at Xtreme Enterprises, they began to work on their own line of products called HYBRID TECHNOLOGIES.
After months of research and design, the product line that included performance after market products for the Intimidator, E-matrix, Cocker and the Impulse was coming into a reality. With already strong followers like Oakland Assassins, Miami Effect, INFAMOUS, DYNASTY, STP and Hostile Takeover as sponsored teams. Individuals that matter like Tyler Michaud, Todd “TMONEY” Martinez and “the Desperado” Pepe Escutia are the new list of Pro-Ballers with signature series products inspired by them. The hybrid brigade has started a new cult following even as far as Japan and Europe. With such design oriented products and performance to boot, the response of Hybrid Technologies have been one of the most sought off products to date. Always on the cutting edge, the crew begins a creative process in hopes to create a marker of their own in the near future.
With now the release of their new clothing line “CONTRACT KILLER” designer and VP Chris Corcino uses his own definitive artwork to create a line based on the true nature of a sponsored player. Inspired by underground art and youth oriented marketing, this clothing will be a crossover not only by the paintball industry but other extreme sports as well.
Only three years old, Hybrid is independently owned and operated, the Hybrid brigade is globally recognized as the premier custom builders of paintball industry. You thought you had the vision till we rolled up.


Lil John
Former staff member of NATIONAL PAINTBALL SUPPLY. Former Production manager of X Enterprises. Front player and field captain for the Oakland Assassins aka IRONMEN.
Achievements: 3 Time consecutive Pan Am Champion. Back to back world champion in Toulouse. 1998 NPPL world champion . 2003 most noted professional NXL player with the highest career wins. Rated as one of the top front players of all time and destined to be a legend forever marked as one of the most diversified personality in the industry.

Chris Corcino
Original owner of Paintball Junkies. Former marketing director of X-enterprises.
Help in designs for the likes of Bob Long, Blast, CSG, PHAT, ACI, COBRA, ZAP, WPF, PANAM Circuit, DIABLO, 32 DEGREES, CFOA Circuit, Mac dev, WARRIOR SPORTS, KAPP, PROVING GROUNDZ, HYBRID Fight wear, XS SPORTS and NXE. He is most noted for his graphic abilities and marketing. Advertised ads in P8NT, ACTION PURSUIT GAMES, PAINTBALL2XTREMES, CROSSFIRE and PAINTBALL SPORTS INTERNATIONAL. Chris has played with teams like Hostile, Junkies Factory, Kapp and Urban Quest.

Brandon Lambertson (reporting)
Born in La Palma California in 1976,. I have been around paintball since 1989. Got my start working at a hobby store that carried paintball guns, then moved on to a full blown paintball store "Action Sport" which was owned by Greg Sullivan, who's parents owned ACI - Air Concept Industries. I went on to help build Jungle Island Paintball Park and work at ACI before I opened my own store, Xtreme Sports in 1996. From there I started Liquid Paintball, which was my own line of after market parts. I invented the very first "SCREW APART" two piece barrel called the Liquid X-Type. I made the VERY first carrying handle for the back of your guns, which I named the "Snatch Grip", a common, factory stock item on most guns today. Before Reds and Unique, I put the first weight belt on paintball harnesses. I started team "Liquid Factory", which rostered young unknowns at the time that went on to become some of today's top pros. I have played on teams like HammerHeads (2 time 5-man GWS series Champs), Outsiders (2 time 10-man GWS series Champs) Check It Factory, BushWackers, SC Ironmen, Miami Effect and LA Infamous. I won my first event ever as a pro and went on to win the World Championship title that same year with the SC Ironmen. I went on to play for the original NXL team Miam Effect. I was apart of the end to Dynasty's reign in 7man when Miami Effect defected from the NXL and became Infamous which reunited all the pro teams from both the NXL and NPPL and brought back the true competition that both leagues were missing.