Thursday, September 4, 2008


> Aw, shit! Sorry, Chris, been outta town for the
> holiday- I'll re-send that damn fax.
> Hey, and while I've got you, could you please fill
> out
> this interview for me? If you could have it to me by
> this weekend (yes, I know it's Friday, sorry) that
> would rule! This holiday has got me behind, plus, I
> thought I'd sent this off already. Could you send me
> an e-mail so I'll know you got this okay? I'll re-do
> the fax, and try to get this all finished up.

> Okay, here's the interview, talk to you soon! Oh
> yeah,
> and if there's anything else you want to include,
> feel
> free, if there's anything else at all you want to
> vent
> about just let me know:
> Chris Corcino/Hybrid Interview:
> 1) Can you give us a background on the company, how
> it
> got started, and just who was there in the
> beginning?
the company was a dream between me and Little John of Legacy. how it began was a very long story. how its goin is the true journey and the journey right now is awesome. John and i knew each during the days of paintball junkies. as the original other owner of junkies, i had sponsored the bushwhackers. Ron Kilborn had introduced me to Little John as his greatest player on the squad. at that time, i was also introduced to a young mike paxton and tyler michaud who now plays for dynasty. after a few years of knowing each other we crossed paths as employees within the paintball industry and from knowing how each other worked and played we made the move to become partners to the best rising paintball company in the world. we started just last year to launch our full product campaign and we have never looked back.
> 2) Who’s with the group now, who’s stuck around, and
> who’s new?
we like to keep the family a secret but because we are in that new limelight,the family we call the “pride” is 13 deep all with specific roles from designing,research and development, sourcing, accounting, shipping and straight up hustlin’. our newest is Jen, who we call “Number9”. she's my muse and prodigal designer. she’s just gangsta. next is big dave falcon and Gary shows. Gary and i go way back from whacker days and have been a former business partner. together back in the day we did so much work for paintball. first thing in the pride is loyalty. you break it we break you. second is commitment to your job. we expect 100 percent on top of the supposed 100 percent you are going to get paid for. third, no one is more important than the other. we all have roles that revolve around each other. one falls, we all pick up the slack. beer also helps
> 3) As I mentioned before, this is going in our ‘bad
> boy’ issue, which made me think of you. Explain how
> Hybrid has managed to cultivate this image for
> itself
> in such a successful way.
we have always designed to influence and it works. because we are from paintball, we know what we like and se also try to dictate how we will be followed and who are our followers. we could give a rat ass if we are liked. the more hate, the more inspiration. show no love and they seem to admire you more. we love what we do and don't just put out stuff people have seen. i like to put out what now one has not seen. i believe that new looks is looking back to old time periods. now like hemp, everything is recyclable. you just need to know how to forecast. there was a day we laughed at camo and saying “bullets” instead of paintballs. or looking like the oddball because you never used true paintball equipment. now anything goes. bahalana is what we’d say back home. we are only revolutionary because we have revolted. to start a revolution, there must be bloodshed. we have bled for paintball. we have had our back stabbed sooo many times that now its time to stab back.
> 4) The subversive, antiestablishment feel of the
> company obviously jibes with the whole tournament
> Paintball scene and ‘lifestyle’, but as the artist
> in
> the company you must have an influence outside of
> the
> sport- what has inspired your creations?
i spend the morning eating a cigarette, drinkin a Rockstar, gorging on spicy pork rinds. then after the first 5 new hate mails, i turn on some good ass music like Matisyahu and some underground canadian hip hop that i got from Josh davey and Danny miller. then i choose 10 old magazines to look at with my morning shit and the balloons of creativity fill the bathroom. then penguins come to gossip, its fuckin hilarious. Influences, they vary from day to day. i can take anything to build on then got nuts, thats when john has take me down from my high and show me to reality. i love my job. john and i always fight on how far i should go and when i should stop. we keeps asking each other “is paintball ready for this?” there are also times of despair and the survival skills kick in. the family fort gets the ass-end of it all and it kills me. like most who own their own company, no one but yourself knows how much sacrifice you do. it use to be fun, but not only do you try to take care of family, you got 13 others that need that same attention.
> 5) You mentioned at Huntington Beach that you were
> sort of lying low in anticipation of ‘blowing up’
> later in the year, and upon seeing you at the World
> Cup in Orlando I saw first hand just what you were
> talking about. How does it feel to shoulder in with
> the big boys with the Hybrid trailer and customized
> truck?
at first we all felt odd. alot were surprised and some were pissed. i think no one could get enough of how we blew up. it was a matter of time and we needed to feel reinvented. we need to show our roots and the truck and trailor showed it well. we are artists and ballers and we hoped it showed. the greatest power we have is the belief in ourselves. people despise us only because we keep our roots deep within our loyalists and our contract killers. we try to stay loyal to all who admire what we do and where we came from. the truck is nothing to us. even the space we have to pay to be there. we can still be in the big tent with all the other knuckleheads, we’ll always be treated the same. the truck shows that we now can afford an attorney, a big ass yacht, and a gas guzzling caddy. plus its great for the ladies.
> 6) We saw the release of some nifty new gear from
> you
> guys already, most notably the Suicide Shell for
> users out there, can you tell us a bit about that,
> and
> the other new goodies? You’ve got a full line of
> playing clothes on the way too, correct?
we had come out with a shit load of stuff of the the 06 lineup and now being just at the beginning of the year, we have sold out of our first lots before the end of the year. the response is incredible!. the products we showcased are all new. we had worked so hard to get the campaign goin. the suicide shell is not even close to all of the inventive products we are showcasing. this year, we will be introducing a traitor proto. we hope that the success of this year precedes us. their are many products we are trying to introduce. but we are still a one man army, we don't let our fans down. we are working really hard to get all these things before the copycats come out to play.

> 7) What keeps you going in this sport, what’s the
> reward for grinding through all the politics and
> drama? It shouldn’t be news to anyone that the
> Paintball business isn’t for the faint of heart.
what keeps me goin... hmmm that's a hard one. i know that if i continue the fight i most undoublty lose all.. this means that the sacrifice i do will be my demise as an individual. i have given up so much that it hurts the people i do it for. my partner know exactly what i mean. when they push, i push harder and that might mean i have to step on a few necks to get my point across. there are people who just want us to fail because we are such a wall to their success. too bad we bring such a bigger hammer to the industry.
> 8) Possessing some of the coolest product on the
> planet surely makes you a big target for sponsorship
> pleas. What advice do you have for the masses that
> are
> looking to add a Hybrid logo to their jerseys?
talk to gary.

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