Wednesday, November 26, 2008


The PSP industry heavies are meeting next week do discuss the future of paintball and the future of the league. A possible merger with the NPPL may be in the discussions at that time. However, this could be just another rumor that has plagued the misinformed after the end of both leagues season. If the possible merger was to come into affect, one league would either have to bow out of its format or both leagues would have to recognize both formats and work as one. PSP partners have claimed heavy stakes in the XBall format that they have argued is the most effective to way justify winners and losers in one paintball game. (Ironmen and Philly can claim this format) As far as the NPPL format-Any given Sunday, can a team make it to the top. (Dynasty has been most dominant in)

As far as the quality of each league:

PSP- most competitive, most owned by industry, most political. More player appeal
NPPL- Great promotion, has TV in their pockets, promoter owned, more public appeal.
Cons- loop-hole game format and suspect "family teams" as real organized sports teams