Friday, November 21, 2008

Just what the doctor ordered!

It was either that title or "Wouldn't you like to be a pepper too". The pepper one just didn't seem tempting enough to lure unsuspecting readers. Ok, so this isn't related to the paintball industry, but since paintballers love anything free, it kind of is. So the people over at Dr. Pepper made a promise a while back that if Guns N Roses' came out with their album "Chinese Democracy" in 2008, which I guess has been in the recording process since 1994, that they would give everyone in America a free Dr. Pepper. Well, that album goes on sale Sunday, so Dr. Pepper is going to keep their word. All you have to do is visit their web site (link from this blog title) and get yourself a coupon. They are honoring these coupons until Feb. 28th.

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