Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Biggest winner today- Dye Precision
Dye decides to go out this past weekend with the new Rotor Loader. This loader is smaller, lighter more efficient than the now seemingly primitive Halos and other loaders of today.
Think of it as a hybrid civic and a Halo being a dodge v8 4x4 doing the same speed and going on the same highway. Go Green!

Biggest loser today-PSP
With so much riding on the acceptance of the sport and hoping for the abundance of more people to pay for new top of the line stuff, absolutely no media attention was involved accept Pbreserve, Warpig and Katspics for viewers to count on for news, pictures, journalism, sport stats and of course 4 dudes with handheld cameras taping what they can to play on youtube.
Lets look at the simpleness of the situation:
1: Scarcity promotes demand.
2: Population growth promotes demand.
3: Technology promotes demand.
The number one supplier of shiiiiit load of new, old, and rare paintball products and products that have stood the test of time to forge a gigantic surplus of trash and treasure is Ebay. They too have their own banner ad signifying the abundance.
With an overwhelming surplus, wouldn't this equate to LESS demand?
If there were too many diamonds like their worms in the earth, will they still be as valuable?
We know this, the demand to play is always up. What to play with, is not. A struggling industry should invest in awareness, not monopolies.


We hope for the best of intentions for the PSP and produce a great show and promotion for the fans to watch and enjoy this great growing and ever changing sport.Not just a great DVD that will probably sell for 29.99


niggertits said...


funny you say that because you spell like someone from that educational background.

if you want to have a decent blog, since most of blogging requires articles, you may want to improve your spelling.

also if you want a half-way successful blog, please try to have accurate articles. that radar looking device that NXL ref is holding actually detects how fast guns are shooting through a microphone monitor.

only reason i even found this blog too from through pbreserve.

Brandon Lambertson 909 said...

Wowzer!! Tell him what you really think....haha. Look, I see what your getting at, and although the spelling is actually perfect in the one you posted on, the grammatical errors with the run on sentences and half finished thoughts actually annoy me too hahaha, but I don't think your really so petty as to go to the trouble of leaving a comment purely to call him out for his improper use of the English language. In which case I will have to say that your probably a rebel Internet rogue, on a mission to show everyone else on the Internet your incredible depth as a mature and reasonable thinking person by exploiting the shortcomings of others until they all bow to you and your extensive knowledge of the English language and of the world as we know it...

....Or maybe I have it all wrong and your actually a good person just saying what everyone else is thinking. Is that right Mr. Niggertits? Before you call someone out for coming from the educational background of someone from a trailer park, maybe you should move into the 21st century with the rest of us and lay down the racial comedic relief's Mr. Niggertits.