Tuesday, September 9, 2008

THIS is FUN!!!! But I should not laugh..

Since i have been doing this... well, as long as i can remember, the story telling is a lot more unique knowing that it may never be on the pages of a magazine or a prestigious internet website. Hangin out this past weekend with MMA industry folk and attending x-treme sports seminars... i have begun to realize when the panel brings up moto-x, skateboarding, bla bla bla then MMA, i have begun to realize that paintball was never and is never part of what these people as the general anti-established-felt testosterone, anti corporate industry. Hmmm, I thought, why is that? Did we believe to ourselves in our own world we were kings of something? Did we all forget to be out of the box and produce the media attention that made the X-games industry survive?? I remember talking to Adam Gardner and his mission to put XBall on TV and made some great success and advancements in the forward progress of paintball. He tells me there quirks of making it better however, he invited everyone to participate and put there teams and industry brands together so it was worthwhile. Through it all, no one backed the brothers and show still went on which made to look like they were monopolizing the TV and sport. People simply did not want to involve themselves because if it failed, they want to point some fingers. Unity, like the xgames with their sanctioning committees and industry committees have involved everybody to get a grip on the future of their sport build strategic foundations with group foundations to help the awareness of the industry to the rash public and its own media. College paintball is sick!! That is what paintball should look like and we all should support it.Rock music was said to never survive, but here it is. Skateboarding in not a sport in fact its still called a crime in some cities, but here they are, a sport, an X-treme spectacle, on fuckin TV. Remember that this billion dollar industry makes shirts, shorts, shoes, and a damn board that has not been but wood, bearings and wheels. After all that, they pay their dues to promote the sport. What have we done?? Kill the industry, Slash prices to kill stores, false advertising and promote false agendas. Law suits to monopolize and or reduce the plan of another manufacturer. Provide no sanctioning guidelines and yearly meetings for all manufactures to provide goals.

Infamous beating the Russians (5 tired vs 15 fresh comrades) should have been glorified as well as Rashad Evans putting the beatdown on Chuck Liddel

Later i got some bad and good news about our paintball but remind you that once read we all can laugh and be judgmental but at the end... Lets make it better. If I name names like Todd Martinez or Keely Watson before news gets out I really dont know what might happen.. I'm just a reporter with rights that involve the truth. Seek the truth, dont click and paste what is told you to be the truth.